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The Galano Group LLC

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The Galano Group LLC was formed to provide clients seeking to secure their financial future with an integrated, cross-professional approach to insurance, estate, and risk management services. The Galano Group LLC retains the capacity to address client and estate life insurance needs, including specialized risks from $250,000 to $100,000,000.

The bedrock principles of the firm, as established by its founding member, Peter M. Galano, are attentiveness, professionalism and integrity. The firm is a high touch, client-oriented group dedicated to providing personal and professional services twenty four hours a day. We also offer guidance to families and clients of wealth regarding life insurance and specialized risks.

Clients are assured a unique and comprehensive one-stop approach to personalized insurance planning through our integration of knowledge from related professions, our careful selection of members who offer many years of cross-professional experience, and our strict adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Our goal is to provide the client with insurance and estate planning advice buttressed by the joint analysis of professionals from different fields and unfettered by constraints of captive platforms, in which the individual agent is constrained to offer products provided by her or his company. To that end, The Galano Group LLC has allied itself with a diverse and boutique collection of the nation's highest rated insurance companies and extraordinary risk specialists.

Our greatest reward is serving our clients' best interests by offering integrated, unbiased and personally tailored advice on how to best achieve individual, insurance, estate and risk planning goals-and to do so with exceptional service.

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