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The Galano Group, LLC

Estate Planning • Risk Mitigation • Hedging Strategies

The Galano Group LLC was formed in 2000 securing client wealth with an integrated, cross-professional approach. We are experts with boutique insurance(s), complex estate planning, risk mitigation and specialized precious metal hedges. First tier life insurance to $100,000,000, permit us to fully address complex risks of UHNW clientele, C level executives, and accredited investors planning for retirement.

Our unique and comprehensive one-stop approach to ethically defensible planning through the integration of knowledge from related professions, careful selection of advisory partners bring many years of cross-professional experience. Our firm’s strict adherence to ethical standards and vetted referrals remains our hallmark nationally.

The Galano Group, LLC has allied itself with a diverse and boutique collection of the nation’s highest rated insurance companies, first-tier legal counsel, risk specialists, and precious metal hedging experts.

We serve a clients’ best interests offering integrated, unbiased and personally tailored guidance to better achieve estate and asset risk mitigation services, specialized hedging design and facilitation; and do so with exceptional service 24/7.

Thirty-one years of experience working side-by-side with advisory partners, we develop integrated plans tailored to your unique circumstances. You’ll meet our professional team and we’ll serve as your liaison as you consider our many offerings and boutique service providers.