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Disclosure Agreement

  • As a practice, THE GALANO GROUP, LLC, (herein after "Advisor"), will determine the suitability and risk tolerance of the client in proposing options of various investments within the client's risk tolerance level. 

    There are many Precious Metals products on the market. Some people simply want Gold or Silver coins, rounds or bars, while others want modern numismatics that are valuable because of their design, mintage, or grading making them collectible. Our role is to facilitate the portfolio design, sale and storage agreements of, authenticated offerings with a verified custodial chain from our vetted source, APMEX, the American Precious Metals Exchange. 

    We coordinate all processes for clients to make an informed decision in their acquisition of Gold and Silver and assure their purchase is exactly as represented, verified and authenticated with a signed acknowledgement. 

    We must "have a reasonable basis to believe a recommended strategy as facilitators of bullion for a fee, is suitable for the client. We base our recommendations through reasonable due diligence of a Discovery Fact-Finder and Riskalyze Analysis ascertaining a client's investment profile."

    In general, a customer's investment profile would include the customer's age, other investments, financial situation and needs, tax status, investment objectives, investment experience and time horizon, liquidity needs, health issues and risk tolerance. We identify three main suitability obligations: reasonable-basis, customer-specific, quantitative suitability. 

    Suitability for the Advisor client is based on the client's Riskalyze Analysis and Discovery Fact Finder. Advisor requires a thorough suitability analysis in advance of any consideration for a Gold & Silver bullion referral. We do not ever give tax advice. You are encouraged to seek tax advice in the purchase, acceptance, or sale of any precious metals purchase.

    Advisor facilitates a referral to APMEX for the client to pursue a relationship and purchase transaction for Gold and Silver bullion. Like other offerings in which the Advisor would place, Advisor shall receive a professional fee for this referral and placement with APMEX for precious metals purchase.

  • I certify that I have read and understand this notice and risks having completed a Riskalyze profile and a Discovery Fact Finder to determine suitability to purchase precious metals. I clearly agree and accept the professional fee I will pay to The Galano Group, LLC for referral services. I have received a copy of this notice, and will seek independent tax advice.

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